Kindling lips

Kiss it all better.

Hesitance was the ever constant subtitle to your actions.
You would treat kisses like the your last loaf of bread.
Hold it out until I craved nothing more.
Slow dances poisoned with lust and forehead kisses like gunpowder through any brain wave.
Hours of torture, watching a masterpiece contouring every muscle from brow to chin - I desired to claim it mine.
Take your scarred shaking hands, throw all hesitance to the burning winds howling, and collect my crumbling face.
Porch light eyes call me home, close your sun kissed eyelids and shut off the light.
Though you have two lips, both are mine. Better yet, ours.
You are my home, lure no other soul your way.
That light is for me alone, I know because it uses my soul as kindle.
So collect your fire wood and kiss me.
I would gladly crackle under your embrace, because all gaps are to be filled with the ashes of my worries.

Kissed me and made it all better.



The boy who sits in the front of class will not graduate come summer
when the radiator acts up, he stands and kicks it
he smiles and for the first time, I see his teeth
white and luminous and
like the moon they are soon hidden away

We leave class early to kiss the boys
we drive fast but we can…