Last night I wanted you to sink to the bottom of my thoughts.

The first shot of vodka merely reminded me of my goal.
Three shots later and I needed a fourth to forget the smell of your old basement couch.
As the fifth shot burned my throat I could still feel your 5o’clock shadow gracing the presence of my cheek.
The next was a double.
I became tranced as the walls played ring around the Rosie with my sunken eyeballs.
Still I felt the heat of your breath on my neck as I sat to gain balance.
Another warmed my chest and I questioned why I could feel your voice echoing through my body
I wanted to bottle up everything pertaining to you and let it drown to the bottom of the ocean.
I chugged , watching the liquid swish and disappear pass the label.
I walked home barefoot feeling the chill of the night as it nipped at my skin.
Everything was quiet and my thoughts were gone.
Finally I stumbled into my bed with smeared make-up and my insides moving.
I took a deep breath and shut my eyes only to see your face.

Last night I learned your name didn’t sink…
But could float.

-DJS (via corruptlogic)